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Welcome to the creative website of David Silver.

I live in Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.


Musical Background

Embarkation. I had piano lessons between ages 12 and 14 but then only played sporadically to a basic standard for the next 32 years. At that point I experienced a profoundly vivid dream which prompted me to study clarinet and saxophone then recorders and piano accordion. The accordion is a keyboard-operated wind instrument rather than a wind-powered keyboard instrument; this is not a pedantic distinction - the whole approach to playing and writing for the instrument is different. I can also get by on the D/G melodeon and have started learning the ukulele as a melodic instrument.


All At Sea. In 2001 I joined Northwood Headquarters Royal Naval Volunteer Band, initially playing saxophone, then clarinet. For over five years I learned to play music with others as opposed to the solitary experience of playing the piano at home. I also learned to play whilst kitted out in uniform marching in step across a parade ground. Perhaps this experience helped when I became a Morris musician.

I rejoined Northwood Band in 2019.


Accepting The Queen's Shilling. A chance encounter in a pub in 2007 led to my involvement in the Morris Dancing fraternity; nobody was more surprised at this turn of events than myself. Initially I played clarinet, then progressively moved to accordion as I became more proficient.


Sailing on. I lead the bands for Pump House Clog Morris, Watford Circle Dance and The Biscotti Band, a U3A group specialising in Tea Dance and Palm Court music. I play accordion in the Friday Folk and DanseHerts bands, clarinet in Northwood Headquarters Royal Naval Volunteer Band and in Watford Community Orchestra, and recorders in early music groups.


Galleys. In late 2009 whilst attempting to memorise some Morris music a simplistic French-sounding folk tune came to me unexpectedly. Never having written any music in my life I assumed it was a fluke, never to be repeated, but since then over 300 tunes, songs and compositions have arrived. Melodies still come out of the blue and also on demand but, not having had a formal musical education, I am now studying the principles of orchestral composition.


CLM - Classical and Light Music Performance Club. I enjoy playing world folk music on accordion and sometimes on recorder or clarinet and much of my creative output is folk-influenced. In Watford and its surrounds there are many folk clubs, open mics and other opportunities to play. But for my more classically-oriented pieces the outlets are limited although my many kind friends in the folk world seem to welcome almost whatever I play. And there is certainly a discussion to be had about where one musical genre ends and another begins.

The folk club 'singaround' is a traditional turn-and-turn about format. At a singaround event one evening in 2014 it occurred to me that a similar format for classical players would be nice. I visualised something like the musical salons and soirées of times gone by. Thus CLM was conceived. Watford Museum kindly provided a performance space free of charge whilst I got the event started in early 2015 and it is now regularly very well attended. There have been strings, singers, piano, recorder, clarinet, accordion, French horn, Indian tabla and harmonium, flute, trumpet, vibraphone, classical guitar, harp and ukulele. CLM is an informal performing opportunity for players of classical and light music, and runs every two months. Click here for the latest news on CLM.